Thursday, September 24, 2020

Sustaining Families Through A Personal Crisis

Save The Date: Thursday, October 22, 9:00 am – 10:30 am EDT

Phil Strassler, Founder of the Larry Kraus Tax Institute for Family Offices, and Stanley Goldstein, Founder of the Sustainability Investment Leadership Council (SILC), are pleased to collaboratively develop and present a very special online workshop about families in crisis. Attendees will interact with a mental health professional, a leader of a non-profit that provides mental health services to teens and young adults, and individuals who have persevered in the face of tragedy.

The workshop discussion will focus on the causes and needs of young people in crisis, and on techniques for helping them access mental health resources and build personal resilience. In addition, the workshop will address specific situations where individuals must cope with the loss of young family members, and on the importance of finding hope and purpose in life under such circumstances.

Please contact Michael Kraten at and you will receive an invitation to a Zoom meeting.  The same two groups launched this project, on a more modest basis, exactly one year ago.

SILC’s mission is to educate, encourage, and expand the knowledge of individuals and organizations about sustainability policies and practices. SILC develops conference and webinar content that addresses the need to promote and support personal, emotional and financial stability within families.